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December 21, 2005

When you wish...

Swanee just sent over a rendition of When You Wish Upon A Star.

Also I have uploaded a video iPod ready (H.264) video of Peter Delapinia's version of Something Stupid

It certainly has been a busy week here, but keem em coming :)

Posted by zathras at 10:01 AM

December 19, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Just posted the final version of Santa Baby. I think it's easily our best recording yet - please check it out!

Posted by zathras at 12:34 AM

December 14, 2005

All the Ukes Down in Ukeville...

Well Gerald is on a roll and sent in another song for his page:
Simple Song.

I wasn't going to mention it but since I'm posting anyway - I went ahead and put up a uke only, recording practice run of Santa Baby.

Posted by zathras at 11:19 PM

December 13, 2005

New Song

Wow two entries in one night - can you believe it!

Gerald Readore just sent in a new song he recorded called Kipahulu written by Jeff Rasmussen. Give it a listen!

Posted by zathras at 10:56 PM

Uke Christmas

Well we're still working on Santa Baby - hopefully we will have it up in the next day or so (or at least something up). I know updates have been few and far between lately and I apologize for it. I just ordered a slew of Curt Sheller's books and plan to dig deep into the "next level" of playing. By the way he has a great selection of online lessons on his site Ukulelechords.net. Check it out.

Has everyone seen the new K-Wave ukes making their way to the US. They are ukulele sized Les Paul and Telecaster copies that look good and word on the street is they sound good too. They are showing up on ebay. I'm very tempted but I'm resisting knowing that my Glyph is going to start construction soon. I'm debating upping the size to the newly offered mezzosoprano - halfway between a soprano and concert. I'm thinking it might be nice to have a little more room. Decisions, decisions....

Posted by zathras at 9:58 PM