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January 30, 2006

New Reviews

Gerald Readore has sent in a couple of new reviews. The DVD Island Style Ukulele and the songbook/CD Hawaiian Style Ukulele Volume 1.

A big thanks to Gerald for taking the time to send those in. If you have a book, cd, dvd, anything ukulele related that you want to review just send the review to me at zathras@gmail.com.

Keep on strummin!

Posted by zathras at 8:57 AM

January 28, 2006

Really big six string ukes

Well recently I've branched out to those really big ukes - yes I picked up a guitar. It is an interesting beast - fortunately for me uke callouses work just as well on a guitar. I am actually seeing big improvements in my uke playing because of it. I'm still trying to figure out what will be the best song to work on with the new K-Wave Les Paul uke but if nothing comes to mind shortly I'll go ahead and record something so you can hear it...

Posted by zathras at 5:42 PM

January 27, 2006

Georgia on his uke

Gerald Readore has just sent over a recording of Georgia On My Mind. Sounds great - check it out!

Posted by zathras at 9:10 AM

January 22, 2006

New Uke

First off DSR101 has sent in a new song and it's located here.

My K-wave black Les Paul uke arrived a little while ago and I certainly think it is in the running for my favorite uke. It has a very nice tone, good playability, and great intonation - I'll be recording something with it soon so keep checking back.

Posted by zathras at 8:18 PM

January 9, 2006

Happy uke year!

Well the first post of the year is a doozy. Neal has sent in three great MP3s for you to check out. Give them a listen and comment here.

Posted by zathras at 9:54 AM