Ukulele, Uke, Glyph Pictures

Just about a year ago (early 2005) I contacted Dave Means from Glyph Ukulele about getting a custom uke made - after many months and about a thousand changes - the first pics are back.

It is a Koa Mezzosoprano with a Pac inlay eating the fretboard dots (Power Pellet sized at the standard marker locations) with a ghost at 3.

Pictures of the completed uke are here.

Joining one of the bookmatched plates

Cutting out the plate profile

Spraying the sides with water in preparation for bending

The sides coming out of the bender

The sides clamped in the mold to dry

Gluing in the heel and tail blocks

Sanding the arch in the bottoms of the back braces in the 12'-radius sanding dish

Gluing the back braces in the go-bar deck

Profiling the back braces with a finger plane

Ramping the brace ends

The finished back

Gluing in the back linings

Gluing on the back

Roughing out the neck blank on the bandsaw

Drilling the hole for the neck attachment barrel nut

Cutting the slot for the carbon fiber neck reinforcement rod

Routing the rosette channel

Gluing in the top linings

Sanding the sides and top linings in the 20'-radius sanding dish to match the dome of the soundboard

Inlaying the rosette

Cutting out the soundhole

Gluing in the soundboard braces and bridge patch

Profiling the soundboard braces

Ramping the brace ends

The finished soundboard

Notching the top linings to receive the brace ends

Gluing on the soundboard

Fabricating the aluminum alloy neck attachment barrel nut

Preparing to rout the binding and purfling ledges

Removing the Indian rosewood binding and purpleheart purfling strips from the bender

Inlaying the purpleheart purfling

The finished soundbox, wiped with one coat of shellac to reveal spots requiring more sanding

The neck after carving and rough sanding

Slotting the fretboard

Cutting out the monster inlay

The finished inlays

Pressing in the frets

The finished fretboard

Fine-tuning the neck fit

Gluing on the fretboard

Gluing on the headstock overlay

Gluing on the bridge

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