Ukulele, Uke, How to build a Uke-b-gon

(in less than 10 minutes)

What's a Uke-b-gon? In the Joy of Uke Volume One DVD Travis Harrelson mentions that a good way to work on strums is to mute your strings and play along with the radio. So I came up with the Uke-b-gon to avoid having to mute strings with your left hand - freeing it up to practice chord fingerings, reaching for snacks, or any number of useful things.

Parts Needed

  • A credit card sized piece of plastic - old hotel keys, used gift cards, "your name here" cards, etc.
  • A few inches of self stick weather stripping foam
  • A double sided velcro cable wrap
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife

First off size up your plastic card against your widest uke fretboard. Give yourself about a half of inch of space on either size and trim it down with your scissors. Round off the edges a bit to keep from poking yourself (ouch). Also remember no running with the scissors. Ukeland is not responsible for any accidents encountered while running with scissors.

Next cut a couple of slots on the edges of the card wide enough to let the strap pass through.

Put two strips of the foam on the underside of the card as shown

Feed the velcro strap through the card so that the soft side will be against the uke neck.

Done - Now you can strum away with reckless abandon without barely a plunk emitting from your uke. Another hint as seen in the picture above - blow up the chord form chart from Ukuke for a handy uke-room poster!

Have any questions/suggestions/improvements? Please let me know via the link at the bottom of the page.

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