Uke/Ukelele song - Wahine Ilikea
as recorded by
Gerald Readore

Recording Information:

Me: Gerald Readore. I've been playing uke about 9 months. I played a little guitar before that.

Ukulele: Koaloha Pikake Concert with a Shatten Dualie internal pickup plugged into the instrument input on the Lexicon Omega

Mic: Sennheiser e-835 dynamic microphone plugged into the Lexicon Omega

System: Lexicon Omega plugged into my computer's USB port.

Computer Software: Pro Tracks Plus (came with the Lexicon)

Wahine Ilikea (means fair skinned woman). Written in 1975 by Dennis Kamakahi for the beauty of the mountains above Kamalo, Moloka'i. Dennis' webpage is located at www.denniskamakahiproductions.com

Recorded with 3 tracks: 1 vocal, 1 uke strumming, and 1 uke background instrumental.

On the second version I added another track that has a guitar with an alternating bass line.

Update - 9/27 Here is an update to Wahine Ilikea with the Guitar bass line. I increased the bass and vocals and turned down the uke parts a little.


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