Uke/Ukelele song - Don't Get Around Much Anymore
as recorded by
Howlin' Hobbit

This was recorded in my bedroom on a (somewhat malfunctioning) Fostex MR-8 using my Glyph soprano ukulele and vocals only. I used the built-in mike on the Fostex.

It was cleaned up, mixed and mastered with a combination of Audacity on an Ubuntu Linux box and an old version of Cool Edit Pro (now called Adobe Audition) on a Windoze box.

The chord solo I based mine off of is Curt Sheller's version. I hope he does more like it as I've found the ukulele tabs usually fall either in the "too simple to bother with" or "too difficult for normal humans" camps. The intermediate level this one falls in is just right (for me, at least). I can't remember if I found another arrangement for the vocals part and munged them together or if I just built it off of the chord positions from the solo part. I suspect either way will work for you if you want to learn it.


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