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Uke/Ukelele song - Moonglow
as recorded by
Howlin' Hobbit

After some fussing I managed to recover my lost registration code for an older version (3.2.something) of the nTrack Studio software. I believe they're up to version 5.something now. I recorded this mainly to try and re-learn the software as I haven't used it since 2003 or thereabouts. All the recording, mixing and mastering (such as it is) was done with nTrack and some VST plugins I'd already downloaded for use with Audacity. This is on a Windows box (but not the same one I used for "Don't Get Around Much Anymore"... things can get confusing at my place).

I used my MXL "fat can" condensor mike for the vocals and its little brother "pencil" condensor for the ukulele.

This is an arrangement I came up with after being inspired by Davis Sweet's version. There are a lot of similarities but I still think it's more me than him at this point.


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