Uke/Ukelele song - In My LIfe
as recorded by
Jon Prown

In My Life is my first stab at doing a multi-track instrumental recording on GarageBand. Don't really know what I am doing but at least you can hear both the lead and rhythm tracks.

I recorded another version of this song with Craig Robertson, who did the best he could with a rather noisy uke track from me. He added a nice complimentary rhythm track that was played on one of his vintage LeDomino ukes and then he added absolutely great vocals.


Both versions of this song were recorded in FCEA tuning (in other words, tune the top G string on a re-entrant uke down a whole step to F).

Here are the basic chord fingerings and you can add the melody notes onto these chords if you are playing an instrumental version:


0x5x-0x58-0010 (then quick hammer-on to 0011 and then 0013)-5037


0010-2400-4210-0353-0211-0111-0010 (2x)



extra added chord at ending 0564 (when falsetto singing takes place)


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