Uke/Ukelele song - Dream a Little Dream
as recorded by

This was recorded using Audacity and M-Audio Fasttrack. Uke is a soprano Aloha Royal strung with Worth brown strings.

Well you can definately see the evolution of practicing, learning the equipment and getting a little bit better hardware through the course of the MP3s over there. On the "final" everything is running through a preamp (Studio V3 Tube MP), vocals recorded on a Shure SM58 dynamic mic and uke is through a AT2020 condenser mic. Oh and a pop filter certainly helps also. I also took greater lengths to keep on time based on some suggestions from the boards. Hope you enjoy!

V2 is a completely new recording from the ground up. I went to just drop the echo but Jana wanted to give it another go saying she could do better (everyones feedback really encouraged her - and she wrapped it up by asking me what are we going to record next. So I think I may be on to a way to justify my uke purchases to her :) ).

V1 was our first recording ever.


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