Baby Keep Me
Warm for Christmas
Baby Blue EyesInfoListen
Blue Ball BluesInfoListen
Christmas Time is Almost HereInfoListen
Colonoscopy BluesInfoListen
I'll Fly AwayInfoListen
Kicking Back, Missing You InfoListen
I'm Blowing Kisses to You InfoListen
Here Comes Santa Claus InfoListen
Sleep Little JesusInfoListen
Vagavond Diddy InfoListen
Wish I Were Wasting Time on the Beach InfoListen

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Ukulele/Uke player - dsr101

I've been getting into ukes a lot lately (I picked up a nice used concert koa uke on vacation in Hawaii this summer that has really made things a lot better). I have played guitar for years (since the '70's) and use to play bass in bar bands in my younger years.


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