All Of MeInfoListen
Waiting For A Train InfoListen
Begging To YouInfoListen
I Can't Stop Loving YouInfoListen
All Have To Do Is DreamInfoListen
Eighteen Yellow RosesInfoListen
Girl From IpanemaInfoListen
Lost HighwayInfoListen
Give My Love To RoseInfoListen
Saddle BoyInfoListen
Lord I've Tried Everything But YouInfoListen

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Ukulele/Uke player - The Hip Cats

The Hip Cats are just two old blokes (Hip & Zeke) from Melbourne bordering on retiring age. We have both played uke for about 3 years. Our real names are Rob and Mark.

We often spend Saturday afternoon and evening at our friend Jimmy's, where we watch the races in the laundry. It has a bar up one end, and a big fridge. We call it Jimmy's Bar & Grill.

Soon as the races are over about 5.30, we get the ukes out or pick up a guitar or something and just play along to the songs on the radio or a CD. We're all half wacked by then, and we fire straight into it.

Jimmy's used to be every week, but then Jimmy had a slight heart attack, and some liver problem, and things died down for a while. It's probably averages out to once a fortnight now.

When we're not at Jimmy's, I spend as much time as I can at Zeke's place. That's where our recording studio is. It's not a good location, because he is next to a park, with a walking lane just outside the window. It's also on a high traffic helicopter route, and Mark (Zeke) has a cat that's getting old and squawks a lot. There's also the wind chimes, which I don't mind so much.

The songs in this folder are our first stereo tracks. Except for "Home", which was meant to have Mark singing on the other channel, and he tried it a couple of times, but wasn't happy singing in that key so we left it and mixed it as mono.


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