All In Love Is Fair/Blame It On The SunInfoListen
Annie's Song/Ice CreamInfoListen
Beatles MedleyInfoListen
Beth InfoListen
Blue Roses FallingInfoListen
Casting AwayInfoListen
Chateauneuf-du-Pape BluesInfoListen
Claw and HammerInfoListen
Close To YouInfoListen
Daydream BelieverInfoListen
Dear Prudence/Let It BeInfoListen
Eleanor RigbyInfoListen
Elegy For LukeInfoListen
Embryonic JourneyInfoListen
Everybody's Talking At MeInfoListen
Going To CaliforniaInfoListen
Guaraldi MedleyInfoListen
I'll Be ThereInfoListen
I'll Fly AwayInfoListen
Jingle JangleInfoListen
In My LIfeInfoListen
Lullabye For LibraInfoListen
Me and Shirley TInfoListen
Piecelet in FInfoListen
Pono SongInfoListen
Iz's RainbowInfoListen
Brittni's RainbowInfoListen
Saturday MorningInfoListen
Sorry Leo!InfoListen
Stairway to HeavenInfoListen
Staten Island SlideInfoListen
Talsmanian Devil InfoListen
Thirty BelowInfoListen
Time After TimeInfoListen
Tiptoe Through The TulipsInfoListen
Tonight You Belong To MeInfoListen
Touch InfoListen
While My Guitar
Gently Weeps
- A minor
While My Guitar Gently WeepsInfoListen

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Ukulele/Uke player - Jon Prown

After playing fingerstyle and rock guitar for about 30 years--with a brief banjo foray taken in the early 1980s--I discovered the uke in June 2005. Now I pretty much only play the uke. Primarily am interested in emulating or creating solo instrumental versions of songs I like and sometime I even work out songs I don't really like. Also am very much inspired by the technical virtuousity of Jake and James and other killer progressive uke players.

I play four main instruments. The first two are tuned to re-entrant high G, the next to re-entrant FCEA, and the last to low G:

1) KoaWorks 22 fret tenor (neck joined at the 14th fret) with koa top, sides and back, mahogany neck, and Worth Clear Extra Hard Tension strings. My workhorse uke--fast neck with great action.

2) Dominator mahogany tenor (neck joined at 12th fret) strung with Worth Clear Extra Hard Tension strings. An amazingly loud and tonally clear uke built by a very close friend. Priceless.

3) Talsma custom-made 17 fret tenor (neck joined at 12th fret) with spruce top,koa sides and back, mahogany neck, and Worth Clear Extra Hard Tension strings. Warm and sweet sound--great for mellower fingerstyle tunes.

4) Pono cedar top tenor with mahogany back, sides, and neck (neck joined at 14th fret), Worth Clear Extra Hard Tension Low G strings. Big thanks to John Kitakas of Ko'olau Guitars and Ukes for helping set me up with this great instrument.

I record directly into a Sony PCM D1 Portable Digital Recorder--a rather expensive but very easy to use unit that has two high quality condenser mics set in an X-Y pattern and records WAV files--and then master with Ozone 3 software.


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