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Ukulele/Uke player - Mattiniero

Mattiniero was born as the third son of a poor coal miner in Germany. His year of birth is not already dated but must be around 1900. When he was a little child his family had to leave their home country because his father affronted Kaiser Wilhelm as a "guy who looks like a parrot and acts like a madman" ... so they went to the United States. Mattiniero grew up in Little Italy - so this was the reason for his strange German Italian accent! As a young man he was running from success to success. His unique playing techniques and his embarrasing so called whistling led him from Broadway over Las Vegas to Chicago where he was entertaining the upper class during the prohibition era. There he was getting in touch with Al Capone (Mattiniero called him "The Big Boss"). That was the biggest mistake in his carreer and led him to his fate. He was shot down at a private concert for "The Big Boss" because Capone had enough of his music.



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