One More Cup of Coffee
(Valley Below)
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Somewhere Over the Rainbow InfoListen
Sleep WalkInfoListen
What A Wonderful World InfoListen
Be My Yoko OnoInfoListen
You Don't Know Me InfoListen

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Ukulele/Uke player - Rev. Will

A Harmony Baritone Ukulele was my first introduction to stringed instruments, and was my gateway to guitar. I have been playing guitar for nearly thirty years, specializing in blues, rock and folk, with a bit of country thrown in for good measure. After jonesing for a travel guitar for a few years I decided that the uke might be the ultimate travel guitar. I bought a cheapie Hilo and quickly upgraded to a Tiki Flea. I also own a natural tenor Fluke with a Fishman and rosewood fretboard. Now I have come full circle - four strings to six back to four! The recordings are made either with Audacity or GuitarPort Rifftracker. While I record primarily my own material, I do occasionally record covers for fun.

Also visit my page at EZ Folk


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