Ukulele/Uke Comparisons

Below are ukulele soundbites provided by readers like you. Our goal is to have as many recordings as possible to help give you a better idea of the sound of certain uke/string combinations.

If you would like to submit recordings of your ukuleles send them to us here. We currently don't have a "set chord pattern" but hopefully one will show itself as superior over time. If possible try to make your recordings in the same way every time to try and prevent things such as variations in volume due to proximity to the mic, etc.

*Nippers Braceland recordings coming soon

Alphabetical by Brand

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Ukulele Strings By Notes
Applause UA-20
Bruceweiart flying V shaped
GHSDSR101D Tuning
Bushman Jenny Concert
Worth ClearZathras
Bushman Jenny Soprano
AquilaZathrasNote - refinished back
Bushman Engelmann Concert
black GHS Gerald Readoreexternal Schatten Dualie pickup
Dale Brown Tenor
Aquilla Wound CZathras
Flea Soprano
Fluke Concert
Worth ClearZathras
G-String Honu Soprano
Glyph Mezzosoprano
Hamano soprano
Hanalei Pineapple
AquillaZathrasupgraded tuners & bone nut/saddle, Now sold as Kohohe(?)
K-Wave Telecaster Rock Uke
Lucy's ColorsZathras
Kauwela super soprano
Kelii Pineapple
Kelii concert
K & K hot spot pickup

AquilasDSR101Plugged in
Kelii concert
Koaloha Pikake Concert
black GHS Gerald Readoreexternal Schatten Dualie pickup
La Melodia soprano
Ko'olau GoldsDSR101D Tuning, Vintage
La Pacific soprano
Ko'olau GoldsDSR101Vintage
Lahaina white tenor (accoustic)
Ko'olau gold'sDSR101
Lahaina Tenor
with Shadow pickup

Ko'olau GoldsDSR101Plugged in
Lanikai Curly Koa Concert
Ko'olau Gold Gerald Readoreexternal Schatten Dualie pickup
Lanikai Mahogany Concert
black GHS Gerald Readoreexternal Schatten Dualie pickup
Pono Tenor
Tangi Mango Pineapple
Worth BrownsDSR101
Wendell Hall Redhead Soprano

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