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Ralph Shaw Productions
DVD with Booklet
60 Mins

Song List:
  • Hello Ma Baby
  • Froggie Went A Courting
  • Country Gardens

The Complete Ukulele Course!

Review by: Zathras
Last Updated: 8/28/05

Ralph Shaw energetically and enthusiastically puts you through the paces.

This hour long DVD covers: tuning and holding your ukulele, how to strum, strumming with accents, ornament notes, sliding notes, waltz time, jig time, moving chords up the neck, damping, split stroke, rolls, turn arounds and melody chording. There are only three songs taught on this dics but the first two are played several times with different techniques.

A lot of territory is covered in this disk and it hits the ground running. I would recommend knowing a few basics about playing before watching it. If not I could see it becoming a little frustrating on the first go through.

I would say the theme of this disk is using differnt techniques to embellish songs. I found particularly interesting the portions on strumming with accents, damping, and split strokes. Now the split stroke portion made my head spin ("what did he just do?") but it certainly is an advanced technique to come back to once you have mastered the basics.

The weak link in this set really is the booklet. It is very basic. The first two songs only show the lyrics and the chord names. The third does display chord charts also.

Overall it certainly is a solid disc and Ralph Shaws enthusiasm is certainly infectious. Because it concentrates so much on "jazzing up" songs, I would recommend this disc for just about any level of player, but if you are a complete beginner you might want to learn a few basic chords first with a book.

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I'm not sure I'd call this a complete course, but it is quite nice, anyway. Ralph Shaw is quite good, and shows you a plethora of strumming techniques and some things to do with chords (ornament notes). There are only three songs, but a lot is covered with those three, the final song of which is a melody chord song. Includes the Formby split stroke, tremolo, strokes for standard, waltz and jig time, etc.


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