Published by:
Mel Bay
Book w/ DVD pocket
27 Minutes/40 Pages

Song List:
  • The Blue Tail Fly
  • Buffalo Gals
  • Darling Nellie Gray
  • Down in the Valley
  • Good Night Ladies
  • Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
  • Home On The Range
  • I've Been Working On the Railroad
  • In The Evening By the Moonlight
  • Little Annie Rooney
  • Long, Long Ago
  • The Marines hymn
  • My Bonnie
  • Oh! Susanna
  • Oh, My Darling Clementine
  • The Old Grey Mare
  • On Top Of old Smoky
  • Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
  • Red River Valley
  • She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain
  • Skip To My Lou
  • There Is A Tavern In The Town

Fun With The Ukulele

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"Fun" with the Ukulele" is a book originally printed in 1961. It has black and white pictures of chord positioning and um... the font is kinda big so that is good. There is a chord summary at the end but it doesn't explain what it is summarizing or how to use it.

The DVD references the book directly (ie "Review pages 3 through 5"). It starts off with Joe Carr and a happy family playing in a happy circle (complete with a happy accordian) - they accompany each song. Joe says to look at the book for holding, strumming, etc. He plays the notes for a "tuning" section (without mentioning which note is being played). From that point there are short chapters showing the chords needed for the next group of songs. Then there are a group of songs that use those chords. During the song there is a closeup of the fingers on the fretboard in a inset window. Each song is a different chapter with a title card before it and no speaking. Strumming "up" on the strings is not covered.

This is a VERY VERY basic ukulele course. Aside from a few very basic chords I don't really see learning anything lasting from this book/DVD. The only strum is "down down down down" (oh I guess "down down down" and "down down" are covered also :) ). The only positive I can think of is playing along with different types of real instruments is a nice change.

To put it bluntly I would not recommend this one for anything...

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My first ukulele book. This just basically has a bunch of folk songs with the chords noted (not boxed, but the chords are introduced gradually with one picture in the book of each chord). Not a lot of depth, but it's fine for a first book, I guess. Oddly, it has a list of many movable chord forms in the back, but not of the open chord forms. I guess you can think of the open chords as barre chords with an implied barre at the nut, but a beginner is unlikely to just know that without it being spelled out somewhere...


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