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Island Style Ukulele

Review by: Tonya
Date Added: 7/17/06

I found the DVD (it's by Jody Kamisato) to have a fairly good amount of instruction, but not of the "basic" type. Jody is a Hawaiian player who shares on the DVD several strums as well as three complete songs. Two of those are taught note by note with a combination of strumming and picking; on the first, "Drop Baby, Drop," Jody also offers a few variations to spice up the standard playing. This is more of Hawaiian backyard playing style than a Jake-performance oriented style (although Jake's brother, Bruce, appears on this DVD in some sequences). There are also "scenes" in which Jody plays ukulele with kids at a park and in a backyard setting and the viewer can easily "play along" with these.

Review by: Gerald Readore
Date Added: 1/30/06

This DVD features Jody Kamisato. Had not heard of him before, but seems to be fairly talented on the ukulele. His profile on the Ukulele Puapua site says he was born in Hawaii and has been playing the ukulele since he was 7 (now 28 yrs old). He has studied with Jake Shimabukuro, Troy Fernandez, Peter Moon and Roy Sakuma. In 2000 he became an instructor at the "Ukulele Academy" which is owned by Jake Shimabukuro. He is presently playing in the Bruce Shimabukuro band.

The DVD is four parts:

  1. Instruction Section
    • Goes through some a four finger exercise which is worthwhile
    • C-Am-F-G7 chord progression
    • Goes through the chrods as well as melody for the song "Drop Baby Drop" This is a good part of the video. The song seems to have been very popular in Hawaii and has a nice rhythm. Definitely a song I want to learn to play. Also teaches a scratch type syncopated strum which is neat.
    • Goes through a second song called "Ainakoa"

  2. Ukulele Factory Tours
    • The ukulele factory tours takes you into the facilities of 4 ukulele builders (Kamaka, Gstring, KoAloha and Ko'olau. Interesting section of the video. Wish it could have been even longer.

  3. Jam Session
    • Shows Jody and some other guys having a Kanikapila and jamming to the song "Drop Baby Drop". Was too short in my opinion. Would have been nice to see them playing several songs, and maybe offering some tips.

  4. Special Features
    • Jody teaches some kids a song he wrote called "Mr. Loo". Was okay, but didn't keep my interest to much.

Very well produced and the video was good. Not a full instructional video, but overall found it worth the money.


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