Made by:
The Crafted Cow
Varies by Design/Options


Recently there was a post on Flea Market Music's bulletin board by William Thompson in response to SRCs quest to find a bag for his Sopranino. William stated he had some ideas for a new bag and was looking for three "human guinea pigs" to try them out for the cost of shipping. Always on the look out for new uke items to share with the Ukeland readers I decided to press my luck and see if I could email him fast enough to get one of the spots. Sure enough shortly after that I found I was just in under the wire and I would soon be the proud owner of a UkePak.

What's a UkePak? It is a custom designed "case case" for your ukulele. They can be just about any shape and size with a number of functions. From simple holster designs to fully padded protective enclosures.

William presented me with a number of options for my case such as materials, colors, etc. The experience was very similar to having a custom uke built. I was interested in something that would match the theme of my Glyph PacUke, and when he saw a picture of my fretboard he decided to have a go at recreating it on my UkePak.

I think he did an extremely good job - (It is reversed so he would be going up my back while carrying it).

The bag itself is a heavy grain vinyl and the design is actually different vinyl pieces cut out and inlayed in the bag so they are flush. The ghost and dots are a glitter vinyl that look very cool. The bag itself cinches around the uke case to secure it and has shoulder straps to allow it to be carried as a backpack. It also has two carry/hook loops on the back.

The construction and stitching all are very well done and professional (my wife was impressed!). I later found out why - William and his wife's business, The Crafted Cow, has been doing upholstery and Leatherwork since 1974.

I am very pleased with the way it turned out and would certainly recommend one if you have a special uke that a generic bag won't do, or if you have a rare gem that you would feel better if it had another layer of protection. For more information please email thecraftedcow@comcast.net.


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