Published by:
Uketree Records
Book and CD
Available From:
Ukulele Puapua

Song List:
  • I Kona
  • I Ali'i No Oe
  • Ku'u Hoa
  • Ainahau
  • He Ui
  • Pua Carnation
  • 'Ulupalakua
  • Henehene Kou 'Aka
  • Hawaii Aloha
  • Aloha 'Oe
  • Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai
  • Kaimana Hila

Hawaiian Style Ukulele Volume 1

Review by:
Gerald Readore
Date Added:

The book contains 12 traditional Hawaiian songs with chords as well as melody notes, and below each song is a suggested strum pattern. The accompanying CD has each song in the book and is very well produced with a full band and vocals. You can easily hear the ukulele playing on each song. After the song section, there is ukulele related information such as parts of the ukulele, ukulele sizes, tuning, High G vs. Low G, basic strumming and picking, the Hawaiian vamp and a chord chart. Definitely a welcome addition to anybody's library who has an interest in learning to play hawaiian songs. There is also a volume 2 with 13 more songs. Published by Uketree Records and sold through Ukulele Puapua (www.http://ukulelepuapua.com).


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